The fact that you are here shows that you are keen to know about our story, I being the Founder of Silverline Electronics, is the best person to tell you about our story.

To answer this I will have to take you back in time to the year 2015. I had just started my Undergraduate course at St. Josephs College Of Commerce, Bangalore, but always had the drive to do something big and ambitious, hence the first day of my Degree was also the day I joined my family owned business which existed since 1980, and completely remodeled the business and thus, “SILVERLINE ELECTRONICS" was born.


We started of as Distributors of Electronic Components, IOT Equipment, Robotic Spares, Embedded Boards etc. Over time, we at Silverline realized we did not want to be one of the many sellers in the Industry and wanted to stand out, thus this started our second journey which changed the face of Silverline.

It was the Year 2017, when we got in touch with the Raspberry Pi Foundation, with the idea and the hope to bring the Raspberry Pi Zero W officially to India, which back then was selling at 3 times the recommended sale price. The Raspberry Foundation was kind enough to give us this opportunity to represent them in India, and thus we became India’s First “Raspberry Pi Approved
Distributor“. Over time our zeal to live up to the Raspberry Pi Foundation expectations as we were thankful for this opportunity grew, we worked hard to align our goals with theirs and we continued working in that Direction under their guidance.

Today I am proud to announce that Silverline Electronics will dedicate all its resources only towards sales of Raspberry Pi Boards and Allied Accessories, and to do this we will be spinning of our IOT, Embedded, Robotics & Industrial Business into a new entity which is expected to launch in September, thus giving us a clear direction to follow.

Over time Silverline Electronics has won many awards and accreditations, such has - Silicon India’s Top 20 Electronic Distributors 2018, Silicon India’s Top 10 Electronic Distributors 2019 and Etc. This brings to the end and there can be nothing better than to tell you what Silverline stands for, and this can be explained by telling you what exactly the name, Silverline signifies - “ambition, independence, strength, reliability, determination and professionalism”, the are the principles which drive us , and this is what Silverline Electronics Stands for , and we have a short and simple goal - “Prioritising affordable computing”, which is also key to the growth of India, thus making us capable to challenge the entire world.

Manish G Chawla