The Silverline Reseller Programs is a platform where you can increase your revenue by selling our products having benefits like Generous Discounts, Fast Shipping, Easy Order Process, Dedicated Reseller Support.
It is our Goal that Raspberry Pi should reach the length and breadth of India, and this is only possible with supporting Resellers around the country.
Terms and Conditions of Reseller program:
  •  You must be a reseller (A local shop owner/online shop owner/trainer) to join this programme.
  • The reseller must not retail any of Silverline Electronics product less than our online selling price.
  • Reseller Discounts will be Applicable Only for Active Reseller. (Active Reseller means – Order Amount more than 50K per Month)
  • Silverline Points are not applicable for Reseller.


Fill the application form - Download here


Contact - or +91 7090939819 for your bulk requirements.