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Prioritizing Your Business

With A Pledge To Serve All Hardware Requirements Of The Industry Silverline Electronics, Has Enhanced Its B To B/ OEM Services, Increasing Support, Logistical, Inventory Capabilities To Better Serve All Segments Of The Industry . If You Know the Product Which Suits Your Functional Needs Or If You Need Help In Choosing The Right Product, We Are Here For You .

Small Write up

“Silverline Electronics is India’s 1st & Largest Raspberry Pi Approved Distributor , Our Goal Is well Aligned With The Raspberry Pi Foundations Goal i.e- put the power of computing and digital making into the hands of people all over the world . Over The Years , We Have Diversified Into Multiple Product Portfolios , Which Help Our Clientele In Their Product Development Silverline Electronics works with clients in a broad range of manufacturing industries. We help solve our customers’ individual problems by providing them with world-class products, integrated solutions and innovative technologies that take into consideration the unique needs of each industry. Some of these requirements include products that are more advanced, operate faster, and cover a broader spectrum. Our business success depends on our ability to meet and exceed our customer requirements as well as to appreciate our customers’ perspectives and help them overcome the challenges of the factory floor. Maintaining and improving the quality of our own product portfolio is a key to the success of our operations. It is through these efforts that we have developed the sentiment that Silverline Electronics is primarily about helping our Customers.”

Manish G Chawla

Product Portfolio

1. Raspberry Pi
2. Single Board Computers
3. Development Boards
4. Industrial Electronic Components- Active & Passives
5. Industrial Automation Equipment
6. Robotic Equipment
7. Sensors
8. Connectors & Cables
9. Fans
10. Displays
11. Relays
12. Embedded Equipment

Some Of Our Exclusive Services Offered

1. Sourcing
2. Stocking
3. Kitting
4. Cable assembly
5. Designing
6. Stock Buffer Programmes

Contact Us

Corporate/OEM Unit-

  • Sliverline Electronics L Block, Unity Building, JC Road, Bangalore- 560002.
  • Retail Unit 1-

  • 139/5, VT Complex, SP Road, Bangalore-560002
  • Retail Unit 2-

  • # 5 Daffdhar Muniyappa Lane SP Road Cross, Bangalore-560002
  • Phone: +91 7090939819