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Arduino Sensor Shield

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This shield is compatible with most types of Arduino boards that support the standard header layout including Uno, Leonardo, and Mega. It provides a convenient way to connect various sensor modules, servo's, or I2C LCD displays without the need for soldering. The shield has the following features:

6 x Buckled 3 pin analogue connectors providing connections to Analogue pins A0 to A5, GND and 5V

1x Buckled 4 pin serial I2C / UART interface (selectable via on board jumpers) providing convenient connection to serial or I2C sensors or displays.

12x Servo headers proving access to digital pins 0 to 13 with VCC and GND power connections.

6x Aux headers providing access to analogue pins A0 to A5

Serial I2C / UART jumper selection

Reset button

Standard Arduino headers for adding additional shields. 

Please note: I2C interface compatible with Uno only. When connecting multiple servos please check power requirements of each servo.

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